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About Cadoo

Cadoo is a fun and easy way to celebrate someone you love with an e-card that has money inside. The company was founded by Dr. Cadoo, a real medical doctor who knows that spreading love is the best way to stay healthy and happy.

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How It Works

Cadoo is built on top of AirPlatform, the revolutionary cloud money platform that brings all the benefits of the Internet to money.

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What is a Cadoo?

A Cadoo is an e-card with money attached. E-cards have been around for a long time, but only with AirPlatform's cloud money platform is it possible to add real money to an e-card.

Dr. Cadoo heard about AirPlatform and realized that an e-card plus money is a great way to celebrate the people you love.

Since she was the first person to make e-cards plus money possible, they are called Cadoos.

Why do I need an AirPlatform account to use Cadoo?

Cadoo uses AirPlatform's cloud money platform to add money to your e-card. It's real money but as free, fast, and easy as everything else in your digital life. An e-card is nice, but a Cadoo is a celebration.

When should I send a Cadoo?

You should send a Cadoo whenever you want to celebrate someone in your life. There is a Cadoo for every occasion. Send USD to your nephew for graduation, or to your uncle for Christmas.

How do I cash-out a Cadoo?

To cash-out a Cadoo all you have to do is become a member of AirPlatform. Cash-out your Cadoo and leave it in the cloud or move the money to your bank account.

What is AirPlatform and how do I create an account?

It is a cloud based financial service that makes holding, sending and receiving money as easy, instant and free as email.